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Foo fighters


Foo Fighters? In 2000? On a Saturday night a week before Christmas? What’s not to like?

But I’m drawing a blank.

I don’t think I actually went to this show.

I want to write a note to the people I would have arranged to go with and ask what happened, but I worry about what I might hear back from them.

I can see that they were awful seats, so maybe something better came along.

But I can’t remember a thing about this show.

I’ll tell you what I can remember from December 2005.

I remember finally leaving a job I’d worked for six years. A job I’d once loved, but which for countless reasons I couldn’t love anymore.

I’d convinced myself that I was useless. That I didn’t have any skills that could get me any work anywhere else, so I felt I had to prove myself wrong.

Prove that I wasn’t as broken as I felt I was.

The whole job-seeking process was, frankly, a nightmare.

I don’t interview well, and wasn’t in any state to sell myself.

And when I finally met someone who could look past that, it took me three months of repeat interviews to convince them that I was ‘a good fit.’

Apparently you don’t say “I don’t suffer fools” when asked about your weaknesses.

Apparently you don’t suggest that one of the reasons you’re leaving the current job is the culture of booze and substance abuse you’ve fallen into with some of your management.

So I don’t remember the Foo Fighters at Earl’s Court in December 2005. But I do remember having a bit of a breakdown over the few months before it.

Writing this now, at 44, and diagnosed as autistic just last year (a shock, if not a surprise), I look back on this period and it seems a little more understandable. It makes sense that it didn’t make any sense to me.

Turns out I wasn’t a good fit for that new job either.

I resigned just over a year later.

High: Maybe I did have something better to do on the Saturday before Christmas.

Drinking: To excess.

Thinking: I honestly think I’m losing my mind.

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