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Why: I loved this band when their first stuff came out. Really loved them. Tulips was my favourite, and I thought they were about the most exciting guitar band in London.

But that was 2004-2005, this was 2007. I’d liked the Weekend in the City album, but it was no Silent Alarm. Didn’t stop me going though, and the job I was working at the time was full of younger kids who liked trendy rock music. What wasn’t to like?

High: None, it seems. Just did a search on my Gmail to check my memory on who exactly I went with, and I turned up a one line GChat to a girl I’d met through friends years before who something might once have properly developed with. (It didn’t, but she’s still a friend).

“Just back from Bloc Party at Brixton,” it reads, “Strangely disappointing.”

Drinking: A Friday night, so all about the Brixton lager with the kids from work.

Thinking: What’s with the ‘more mature, less spiky’ sound guys? This isn’t going to end well.

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Why: Very possibly my favourite band of the last 10 years. I’d seen them on them on the Alligator tour and the chance to see them play Boxer at a relatively small venue was unmissable.

High: Fake Empire a strong contender, but Mr. November live is an experience that’s almost impossible to beat. This was also the show that introduced me to the fantastic St. Vincent (supporting). I rarely do a support band if I don’t know who they are, but when I really want a good place in a standing venue I get there early. Glad I did this time.

Drinking: All the wine.

Thinking: I want you to get the recognition you deserve, but please stay small/cult enough so I can continue to think of you as mine, and continue to make people happy by introducing you to them…

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Why: So I just had to go through my old emails to see why I went to this show – I’d seen them in 2003 and they just didn’t do it for me. Seems I was offered a cheap ticket to this one by my stoner rock mate Nick and decided to go on the grounds that maybe the reason I didn’t enjoy them the last time round had been all the blow I’d taken.

High: None. Much as I appreciate them, I just don’t like them live that much.

Drinking: At the bar for the final half of the show.

Thinking: OK, it wasn’t just the drugs….

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Why: Whenever they play London, I’m there with the same friend… And this time we took the old school friend of mine who’d first introduced us back in the mid-90s when we all worked together. I’ve already written about the Bizarro tour, but this was playing all of George Best, in a good venue with relatively cheap beer. What’s not to like?

High: My Favourite Dress

Drinking: Cheap student lager.

Thinking: Christ, do we look as old as everyone else here?

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Why: Like far too many people I discovered the Steady through Boys & Girls in America and fell rapidly in love. I’d recently started a new job and took my new work/music/drink friends down to Koko based on cheap tickets.

The Steady played before Cold War Kids, btw. Great debut album from CWK, and a great performance, but shouldn’t have been ‘headlining’.

High: Being in the front row, for a shockingly not crowded show, being thrown a can of lager by Tad Kubler.

Drinking: Lager, lager, lager, and for far too late after the show.

Thinking: I love this band. And I still do, even as I listen to a copy of Craig’s disappointing solo record while writing this…

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Why: Who doesn’t love Arcade Fire? That said, I’d seen them on the smaller tour for Funeral (to be posted when I come to that ticket…) and they were mindblowing, but this was for Neon Bible and our seats were upstairs.

On the plus side, Patrick Wolf was supporting and touring the Magic Position set, which I loved.

High: Wake Up 

Drinking: Pissy lager

Thinking: I will never sit in the balcony at Brixton ever again.

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Why: One of my oldest friends, one-time flatmate and sometime drug buddy worshipped two bands when he was at school: JAMC & The Wedding Present. With JAMC I was with him all the way, having fallen in love with Automatic while at college. So I exploited my middle-aged membership of the Southbank Centre to get tickets for this show under the banner of Jarvis Cocker’s Meltdown.

High: Great seats for a venue not suited to the band, but they did handled it with all appropriate white light and white noise – particularly for Head On at the start and Just Like Honey at the end.

Drinking: Respectably – small smoke beforehand, and a few pints during.

Thinking: I love my friends.x

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