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Why: Ah, the eternal dilemma of the middle aged – what to do on New Year’s Eve? So, with Sonic Youth playing locally (supported by Shellac!!!) I got three mates round and embarrassed my fiancee by doing a fuckload of blow over champagne at ours before getting in a cab.

High: The pounding sound of Shellac, and Kool Thing as the final encore.

Drinking: As above, champagne. Then lager. Lots.

Thinking: Why, why, why aren’t they playing a more populist set for NYE? Turns out it’s probably the last time I’ll ever see them live and there was no Riot, no Dirty Boots, none of the Dirty material I’d loved so much at college….

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Why: As I’ve said elsewhere, one of my best friends worshipped this band when at school. To me, they were always a Northern indy band and as such not a pure teenage passion, but in the year that my friend and I lived together  they were always on: in the car; in the flat; getting high and getting drunk, I came to get the point.

Everytime they’ve played since we try to see them, and this was particularly special – the anniversary tour for Bizarro.

High: Brassneck. Always Brassneck.

Drinking: So much that I’m having problems trying to even remember this show, which – given how recent it was – gives me some cause for concern.

Thinking: How can he still play guitar that fast?

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