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Why: I was never their biggest fan, but I had a great deal of respect for Spiritualized, even if they’d never improve on the show I saw them play the Astoria in 1998 with Suicide in support and on stage with them at the end for Rocket USA. So I got a ticket for this show, even though the venue wasn’t really ‘them’….

High: All a bit flat as it goes, very probably too stoned and all I can really remember is the lights.

Drinking: Maybe a single shandy and some weed beforehand – I’d knocked the heavy drinking on the head for a while back in April that year and wasn’t really myself again till 2005.

Thinking: I’m not sure I really want to be here.

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Why: So, my first ever proper girlfriend was staying with me during a break-up with her partner. We’d originally met in the summer of ’92 on pills round a fire in a back garden somewhere in Oxfordshire and bonded over the Grateful Dead, but she’d rapidly moved on from acid cowboys to funk cowboys and Funkadelic were always a favourite. It was good to be close to her again.

For me, Funkadelic were never as good as the first two albums (the only ones I kept on vinyl) but I thought I’d cheer her up with with third row seats for the p-Funk allstars playing the Massive Attack curated Meltdown festival.

High: Everything played by the late, great dapper diaper-wearing Garry Shider and of course the Maggot Brain solo.

Drinking: Only a couple of pints, far too hard to take our eyes off the stage.

Thinking: I’ve probably made someone I care about happier in 2 hours than I did in 3 months a decade and a half ago….

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Why: This was Love, with a full string and brass section playing the Royal Festival Hall, doing all of Forever Changes and I had killer seats and a pile of magic mushrooms.

My friend and I took them over dinner at the Oxo Tower, walked down to the gig and although we missed My Morning Jacket in support and the opening Orange Skies (they wouldn’t let us in the door till the band had finished the song) you couldn’t get the smiles off our faces all night.

High: Those mushrooms. And Alone Again Or, note for note but with added passion. Shame about Singing Cowboy at the end, but hey, that’s Arthur on his last legs. His flash on you….

Drinking: Vodka tonics, for the sake of the water.

Thinking: Of all the other times I’d listened to Love on hallucinogenic drugs. And the strings… the strings…

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Why: One of my oldest friends, one-time flatmate and sometime drug buddy worshipped two bands when he was at school: JAMC & The Wedding Present. With JAMC I was with him all the way, having fallen in love with Automatic while at college. So I exploited my middle-aged membership of the Southbank Centre to get tickets for this show under the banner of Jarvis Cocker’s Meltdown.

High: Great seats for a venue not suited to the band, but they did handled it with all appropriate white light and white noise – particularly for Head On at the start and Just Like Honey at the end.

Drinking: Respectably – small smoke beforehand, and a few pints during.

Thinking: I love my friends.x

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