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Marilyn Manson, London Arena 2001

Why: Marilyn got a bad press for far too long. But I liked him back then.

The other guitarist in my 90s band liked to jam on Beautiful People in rehearsal.  And I honestly enjoyed Mechanical Animals.

More importantly, I’d also read the Neil Strauss co-write autobiography “Long Hard Road Out of Hell.”

While not up to what Strauss would accomplish with The Dirt, it’s a brilliant read and – in all honesty – I identified with Manson.

Anyway, I convinced my flatmate at the time to go and because life was good then – we’d just bought a London flat, work was good, and everything felt positive, we thought we’d get properly high for it.

Little did we know that you couldn’t get high enough to deal with the little kids that the Antichrist attracted to his show.

Or high enough to deal with support act Disturbed who seemed to rip off an Alice Cooper electric chair routine to the cheers of teens who’d probably never heard of Alice.

High: The keyboard on a spring. Genius.

Drinking: shitloads of lager to deal with the coke.

Thinking: Is it the drugs, or are we really a head taller than almost everyone else here?

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