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Well, we’d loved the first album – so we felt we had to come out for this. Though Pieces of the People We Love really wasn’t up to it.

They had a new one that went “Gonna get myself into it…” but I really couldn’t. And I tried.

High: OK, they opened really well. There was Heaven and there was House of Jealous Lovers. There was sax and there was cowbell. There was also Koko’s huge mirror ball in full effect.

Love that mirror ball.

Drinking: yeah, pints, but not many due to crowds and queuing

Thinking: This whole punk/funk/dance thing… You’ve got a lot of people out tonight, and they seem to be loving it, but I’m really not enjoying this.


Why: Because by now they’d properly broken in the UK, and the NME put them on for a second time.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this album meant to me, and still does.

I’m editing this post in 2017. I’m wearing the T-Shirt I bought in Brooklyn earlier this year when I went over to see the tenth anniversary shows for this record.

The album meant so much to me.

High: Stuck Between Stations. Stuck Between Stations. Stuck between Stations.

Drinking: Beer for the Steady. Always beer.

Thinking: Here’s a guy a couple years older than me who can sing about his drinking and somehow make it sound joyous and celebratory as well as heartbreakingly sad.

Gig on Songkick

Why: Like far too many people I discovered the Steady through Boys & Girls in America and fell rapidly in love. I’d recently started a new job and took my new work/music/drink friends down to Koko based on cheap tickets.

The Steady played before Cold War Kids, btw. Great debut album from CWK, and a great performance, but shouldn’t have been ‘headlining’.

High: Being in the front row, for a shockingly not crowded show, being thrown a can of lager by Tad Kubler.

Drinking: Lager, lager, lager, and for far too late after the show.

Thinking: I love this band. And I still do, even as I listen to a copy of Craig’s disappointing solo record while writing this…

Gig on Songkick

Why: As I’ve said elsewhere, one of my best friends worshipped this band when at school. To me, they were always a Northern indy band and as such not a pure teenage passion, but in the year that my friend and I lived together  they were always on: in the car; in the flat; getting high and getting drunk, I came to get the point.

Everytime they’ve played since we try to see them, and this was particularly special – the anniversary tour for Bizarro.

High: Brassneck. Always Brassneck.

Drinking: So much that I’m having problems trying to even remember this show, which – given how recent it was – gives me some cause for concern.

Thinking: How can he still play guitar that fast?

Gig on Songkick

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Why: Because there’s no such thing as a bad Fannies show, doesn’t matter what album they’re touring or what venue they’re playing.

High: Encores. Not just the almighty (and entirely expected) Everything Flows, but a brilliant cover of the entirely unexpected Burned by Buffalo Springfield. Oh, and they must have played Ain’t That Enough – and that must have been a highlight.

Drinking: Moderately – if only because it was so rammed with men as middle-aged as me it was hard for me to get to the bar regularly enough.

Thinking: I’m glad you’re still playing Camden venues, but how come you guys never ended up headling arenas?

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