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Bloc Party


That ticket says Comp for “Complimentary.”

This was a private show for a London radio station.

I knew some people who worked there, so I got a free ticket.

It feels like there was a lot of this at the time. I was on guest lists and it just became an accepted thing.

And there was free booze. (That ticket says Jamesons. For Whiskey).

I know it would have been magnificent, but this free party at this venue starts to blend into all the others.

At one of them I was introduced to a girl I tried to have a thing with for a while.

Someone was trying to match-make.

She’s still a friend. The night we met, she poured a drink over my head.

If that was this night it would probably have been welcome. That summer of 2005 was a strange time in London

The whole 7/7 bombings thing was bad for those of us who still commuted up to King’s Cross, and even if you started taking a train into Euston and walking up to avoid the tube you still saw the posters for the missing; for months afterwards.

It wasn’t a good time for any of us. So yeah, light relief, a band I loved, and drinking like the end of the world.

High: very

Drinking: for free

Thinking: I’m on the scene, but I’m getting jittery.