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This was a strange and confusing time for me.

This show was five days before I quit drinking for a while.

I’d been telling people I was going to do it since the end of 2003.

It was the only way I thought I could make sure it happened – to know that other people would think less of me if I didn’t.

I thought it was odd that no one else was telling me to do it, because I thought I was saving my life.

The first I knew of Sophia was when someone I knew started playing with them.

For a while he was also playing in a weekly pop quiz team in a pub in Finsbury Park.

The rest of the team included Robin from Sophia, Adam from Swervedriver and a couple of well known music journalists.

Then there was me. So I knew some of Sophia.

Here’s what you’d never know about then from listening to the records. They were one of the loudest bands you’d ever see.

And that’s what I remember about this show.

I thought the PA was going to blow.

High? If a Change is Going to Come.

Drinking? Soaked. Absolutely drenched in it.

Thinking? How to do this sober. 

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Secret Machines, March 2005

Why? Because Now Here is Nowhere was simply stunning. I loved that record and remember using it to test volume limits on my first ever iPod.

High? Honestly? I can’t remember a thing, but odds are it was hearing Sad & Lonely live for the first time.

Drinking? Patently too much. And being this something of a stoner band in the days pre-smoking ban, I’d be surprised if I’d been standing at the end.

Thinking? Again, I can only venture a guess, but I suspect my mind was blown, and if not blown then certainly distracted from what wasn’t really a very happy time in my life.

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