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Strokes Cambridge


By this stage, I’m in full proselytisation mode about this band.

After seeing them a couple of times on the last tour, I’ve bought four tickets for Cambridge and convinced a female friend to drive four of us up to see this show.

So, there we are in her mother’s yellow Mini.

We’re joined by the guy who used to sing in my band (the Strokes aren’t really his thing, but he knows he ought to), and one of the friends I’d seen them with in Oxford last year.

He’s actually reviewing the show for a website that his company at the time runs.

The next week he’ll put out a review that, like everything else written about this band at this time, is ecstatic.

(He won’t say that after the show he wanders off far too drunk trying to find the band themselves and delays our return to London).

We all have dinner together in a very un-rock and roll Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill and then we’re in.

(It’s amazing the details that stay with you).

And the show is amazing. When my friend’s review is written he nails the iconography perfectly.

That simple drum kit, with that logo – the same as on my t-shirt – that looks so close to the Top of the Pops logo of our youth.

It’s fun, it feels young and it’s all a short euphoric burst.

They just don’t have the material for it to be longer, and this is a Good Thing. They play a couple unreleased new ones, but we all know why we’re here.

Drinking: not to excess, but just with excitement.

Thinking: I actually wish all gigs were shorter. And this exciting.