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This was Zwan’s only full show in the UK.

They played the Download festival later that year, but a combination of rain and late stage times cut their set short.

Zwan were Billy Corgan’s post-Pumpkins band, (supergroup, even…) and their album was way, way better than Machina.

And Honestly was an amazing single. I’m playing it now.

Still holds up.

I took the friend I’d seen the final Pumpkins show with – we were both in love with this record.

We crammed ourselves into a delirious crowd, we chanted for Billy like everyone else, and then we had our minds blown.

Seriously fantastic.

High: During an encore I look up, and in the VIP balcony on the left – and I’ll swear to this, I really will, there’s Robert Smith of the Cure and he’s on his feet applauding wildly. Honestly.

Drinking: Beforehand only. Go to the bar at a show like this and you’re never making it back to your place in the crowd.

Thinking: I’ll swear the way that he’s ending this song, with a long, slow, heavy de-tuning, is a homage to Black Diamond By Kiss.

(But I’ve just checked the tape of this show on and that song doesn’t exist. I suspect there were encores not listed on the setlist below).

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