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Why: Back in 2006 when their Lesson in Crime EP came out, I loved this band. Sounds awful to say it now, but they had that thing the Strokes had at first, and we wanted a new Strokes.

I’d seen them before at a Barfly show and loved them, and this time I took a date. Little did I know at the time (though I had my suspicions…) that my otherwise lovely date had a drinking problem.

What’s worse is that after drinking, she had a pissing the bed problem.

This was one of those nights, and a couple of bottles at a Spanish place prior to the show wasn’t the best way to start.

High: Watching from the balcony (always good at the Scala – where this show was moved to from the Garage) as they powered through Nature of the Experiment.

Drinking: Not nearly as much as my date who spent basically the whole show knocking it back at the upstairs bar and terrorising the poor barman.

Thinking: You need help more than I do.

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