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Young Knives


Because they were a great band, and the kids in this job loved them as much as I did, so we all went together.

It was a great boozy night out, crowded round a standing table near the back by the bar for what was supposed to be some kind of a fan ‘thank you’ show.

They were about to bring out their second album, which didn’t make nearly as much as an impression on me as the first.

Though Terra Firma is a banging tune.

Unusually, the support band make a big impression.

They’re called Pete and the Pirates.

They play a great set.

They go on, years later, to become Teleman who I see for the first time at the End of the Road festival in 2016.

They’re even better.

High: The House of Lords delivering the “I am the Prince of Wales…” riff from The Decision as the crowd screams it back at him

Drinking: socially… just socially…..

Thinking: Stupid name, Pete.


young knives


They were brothers, and the bass player called himself The House of Lords.

Voices of Animals and Men was an amazing album.

I loved it so much that I didn’t just burn off a copy of the album, I’d used a printer at work to print out the cover art too.

I normally only did that for bootlegs that you couldn’t otherwise have a physical copy of.

I remember it being in the 10 CD changer of my kitchen stereo for months on end.

And they were amazing live.

There’s a 30 second clip of this show up on YouTube and it kind of says everything you need to know about the Astoria in 2006.

High: The Decision.

Drinking: Not too much – far too into it.

Thinking: The House of Lords is way fucking cool.