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The Tears were Brett and Bernard from Suede, reunited for what turned out to be just the one album, but quite a bit of touring.

You’d get the impression now that they’d only done it for the money, but we didn’t think that then.

Someone I knew played with them, and we thought it was finally going to be his really big break so we went along to cheer for most of the London dates.

But this isn’t one of the ones I remember.

I remember being introduced to Bernard in the Hop Poles in Hammersmith before they played the Palais later that year.

I remember he turned away and didn’t say a word.

I remember an amazing Apollo 13 from that same show.

I remember an after party that may have been when they played at Heaven to start their tour.

But I don’t remember this at all.

I was drinking heavily again by 2005, and I wasn’t really very with it.

High: I presume so.

Drinking: very much so

Thinking: everything seems to be coming to some kind of a point and I’m not sure I like it.

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