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Between 2006 and 2008 I worked three jobs.

One year at a time.

In the second one there was a group of us who liked our music.

I wasn’t the oldest of us, but I was the oldest without a family a partner or commitments.

It was good to be with younger people. I was 34 and tthe guys were maybe 27, 28.

I liked that the guys were into new, young guitar bands.

We listened to a lot of people who even then were being tagged as Landfill Indie.

Most of us liked the View, (well, at least Wasted Little DJs) and even the Pigeon Detectives were once played out in the office.

But the Rifles were clearly cool, and I thought Local Boy was genuinely brilliant.

I still do –  though it wasn’t till recently that my wife pointed out that it’s basically the chords to Just Like Heaven,l.

Anyway, by the time this show came around I’d left that second of the one year jobs, and moved to the third.

So this was a suggestion by email from people I hadn’t seen in a while.

I bought a ticket but I didn’t go in the end.

High: n/a

Drinking: n/a

Thinking: Maybe I’m not as young as I thought.