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Why: Because by now they’d properly broken in the UK, and the NME put them on for a second time.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this album meant to me, and still does.

I’m editing this post in 2017. I’m wearing the T-Shirt I bought in Brooklyn earlier this year when I went over to see the tenth anniversary shows for this record.

The album meant so much to me.

High: Stuck Between Stations. Stuck Between Stations. Stuck between Stations.

Drinking: Beer for the Steady. Always beer.

Thinking: Here’s a guy a couple years older than me who can sing about his drinking and somehow make it sound joyous and celebratory as well as heartbreakingly sad.

Gig on Songkick


Why: Like far too many people I discovered the Steady through Boys & Girls in America and fell rapidly in love. I’d recently started a new job and took my new work/music/drink friends down to Koko based on cheap tickets.

The Steady played before Cold War Kids, btw. Great debut album from CWK, and a great performance, but shouldn’t have been ‘headlining’.

High: Being in the front row, for a shockingly not crowded show, being thrown a can of lager by Tad Kubler.

Drinking: Lager, lager, lager, and for far too late after the show.

Thinking: I love this band. And I still do, even as I listen to a copy of Craig’s disappointing solo record while writing this…

Gig on Songkick