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Because if you’d seen them on the Soft Bulletin tour, you’d be mad not to see them when they toured Yoshimi.

It was very much an album of its time, and the live show was rightly legendary.

We were close enough to see the sweat on Wayne’s face, but not close enough to have his hamster ball go over our heads.

They still opened with Race for the Prize, and they still played Superman.

But now they had Do You Realise too, and Golden Path which was insane live, and everyone – everyone – was deliriously drunk.

I have no idea at all who I was there with.


Superman. Always superman.

Drinking: double vodka tonics with the beers to minimise time on toilet breaks.

Thinking: you do your thing really, really well.


Why: I’d seen them before, (tickets posted when I find them) and they were amazing. They had become one of those bands when the tour is an event and so you had to go.

So we went.

High: Obviously, you can’t hear Superman without wanting to sing, weep, hold your hand to your heart etc.

For years now I’ve said I want Superman played at my funeral.

I should write that down somewhere.

Drinking: Vodka with ice. Lots of ice.

Thinking: You know what? You guys really want to change your stage act more over time. That’d make me happy, likewise SHUT UP ABOUT THE FUCKING IRAQ WAR and acting like you and your fans won it somehow.

I don’t remember you guys standing up to be counted like the Dixie Chicks on your home turf. Do you talk like that in Oklahoma? I fucking doubt it. Lovable you may be Wayne, but this is pandering to the crowd (and not in a good way).

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