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I discovered the Donnas through their cover versions.

I still think their Keep on Loving You is genius.

And in 2003 the Donnas were having a moment.

Spend the Night was out, and some of the other guys at work were into it as much as I was.

We worked near Kings Cross too, so it was a local show as well.

We got drunk, we got in there, and to my surprise we managed to get in down the front.

Scala’s a great venue if you’re at the front (regardless of whether you feel a bit wrong about being one of many men in the mosh pit who are older than the girls on stage).

The band were loud.

And they were incredibly compelling.

I remember backing up to get the bar about halfway through and seeing the other guys still bobbing in the thrash, huge grins on their faces.

I still think it’s a shame that the band never really made it.

High: Take it Off.

Drinking: Hell yeah.

Thinking: Will you marry me, Donna R?