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Skid Row


So, it was Skid Row’s first London show.

Three of us had seen them play their first UK gig with Bon Jovi a couple of months beforehand.

And after much nagging, my mate Steve’s mum had bought us tickets for Hammersmith.

Skid Row were a really big deal for me.

I remember hearing Midnight/Tornado on the Radio One Rock Show and getting a buzz from the bass line.

I still play the album, and when I went to see Sebastian Bach play a solo show a couple of years ago I loved that he still did this material.

I loved that he could still do the scream on 18 And Life. I still love I Remember You.

My wife tells me that in the US, these bands were so popular that they were the mainstream – that cool kids would never have listened to them.

I’ll swear it wasn’t like that in London. We felt like outsiders.

And through the radio we knew that Vain would be supporting at Hammersmith so we tried to get into them as well, to make the most of the event.

Their name was written in red on the album cover just like Skid Row’s was, and Beat the Bullet was a great song.

This was the first time I’d ever been to Hammersmith.

We were under the front of the balcony, and I remember lit cigarette ends being dropped off and falling around us.

It added to that sense of being grown up and outsider.

It was 1989. The Berlin wall was coming down, Skid Row played Holidays in the Sun, I was 16 years old.

High: so, as I write this I’ve never seen Iron Maiden.

And I never saw Motorhead. A friend had booked us tickets for the Hammersmith show that was cancelled after Lemmy died.

But I still saw Lemmy and Steve Harris of Maiden play Hammersmith.

I saw them come on for an encore with Skid Row and Vain, and they did Wrathchild and Train Kept a Rollin’.

I’m still not sure I’ve ever heard anything louder. Ever.

Drinking: maybe one teenage beer to take some of the self-consciousness out of the constant fist pumping and shouting of “Youth Gone Wild”

Thinking: as I walked home from the local station, “so this is what people mean when they talk about ringing in your ears. “

This is why: