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It was clearly ridiculous that Radiohead were playing Shepherd’s Bush.

They were just launching Hail to the Thief, and the album had leaked a bit before this.

The tickets were literally like gold dust, and I couldn’t believe I was offered one for free from a friend.

They worked in publishing and someone was doing something with someone in the band or something like that.

And then two of my other friends managed to buy tickets on the grey market for 100 each.

It was the first time I knew people who’d bought tickets like this.

So the downside was sitting on Level 3.

It may be a really small venue, but when you’re that high up and you can’t stand it takes something from the experience.

I remember looking down and watching Johnny work the pedals.

I remember a crowd sing-a-long to Karma police.

I remember being disappointed that it was such a short set and so much of it had very little guitar.

I think this is the first time I saw them and there wasn’t My Iron Lung.

But when they brought it to a close with the OK Computer material they proved it yet again.

You can see the whole thing here – though that’s not how it looked to me.

High: Paranoid Android

Drinking: Barely. No one wanted to move.

Thinking: I’m actually glad I didn’t pay £100 for this.




Well, it’s Radiohead.

I’d seen them at Brixton on the OK Computer tour in 1997 and couldn’t believe what was happening to me when I started sobbing on the first “For a minute there, I lost myself…” on Karma Police.

And I’d seen them earlier in the year in Athens.

I though they were the best live band on the planet.

Even more so when Thom would strap on a third electric guitar for My Iron Lung.

This was tour when they decided to be free of corporate sponsorship and venues, so they set up a big tent in Hackney.

I went with my oldest friend.

We’d just stopped being flatmates after a year, which hadn’t really worked out, and I was living in colleague’s spare room in Clerkenwell round the corner from the office.

It was an odd time, and it was an odd show. It was kind of flat for me.

The tent wasn’t that good for sound, the ground outside was damp and they were really going for the new Kid A songs.

Now I think of those songs as classic period, but then they really did seem a little out there and (call me shallow) I missed the heavy guitars.

Don’t get me wrong. It was an amazing show.

It just wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be.

My strongest memory is of reconnecting with my friend, outside the actual tent letting the music come to us.

Then rushing back for Paranoid Android.

High: My Iron Lung, into Karma Police and No Surprises.

Drinking: conversational pints outside the tent.

Thinking: no tent next time, please.

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Radiohead: Athens – June 2000

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Radiohead, Athens June 2000

Why? Over in Greece for a friend’s wedding, it seemed like a good idea for two of us to flee post-party carnage on Skiathos and hit Athens for Radiohead in an outdoor theatre.

High? Thom hearing loud, wasted English voices down the front and dedicating a song to us (well, I say ‘dedicating’, the actual words were closer to “Anyone here from London? In London a lot of people think it’s cool to take cocaine… this is for you… this is Paranoid Android…”).

Drinking? Literally carrier bags full of cheap cans of lager, supplemented with the weed we’d gone out of our way to track down before heading out to Delphi the day after the show.

Thinking? “I can’t believe I’m getting away with this”, as all that lager and a place at the front meant I didn’t bother with a trip to the toilets so just pissed all over the legs of the girl in front of me. (I got away with it….)

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