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I was really quite obsessive about this band.

My book club just read a novel where one of the characters has a bumper sticker with the words “I Hate My Life” on it.

His mother wants to borrow his car, and she tries to scrape the sticker off: “I’m not driving it with this on,” she protests. “It’s ridiculous. It’s so negative.”

“It’s a song,” her son replies. “From the Pernice Brothers.”

But it’s not. It’s actually from the album Joe Pernice brought out as Chappaquidick Skyline in 2000.

I didn’t have the bumper sticker, but I had the t-shirt. I wore it a lot through till about 2009 when I met my wife.

I put it on for book club the other week, but they never got to saw it as I’d gone out drinking at lunchtime and by the time I tried to get there I was incapable.

In 2001 the Pernice Brothers had their second album out, The World Won’t End.

It may be their best. It opens with Working Girls. It’s majestic.

I went to this show with a colleague. He was someone I’d been working with for about a year.

Over the next decade I’d work with him again in three other jobs.

At the time he was close to being made redundant from this one.

The dotcom bubble had burst and our company was downsizing.

It didn’t help that he had a little problem with heroin at the time.

In that book club book, there’s a suicide.

The way it was written, all I could think of was this friend who ended up making two attempts sometime around 2011/2012.

We lost touch after that.

At this show we were hammered.

I remember him getting into an argument with someone, for being very tall and jumping around down the front.

Security got involved.

High: Monkey Suit

Drinking: really heavily. Before, during and after.

Thinking: bloody student venues.