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Why: I never knew Nick Cave (other than the Mercy Seat) before I went to college where I met a guy who basically wanted to be him. The two of us played in a band together for a couple of years in the mid-90s but it didn’t work out (he wanted to be the Bad Seeds, I wanted to be Crazy Horse – I didn’t have the talent to be either; he still plays).

High: You know what? I look at this ticket and can’t remember a thing about the show. I remember a lot of Cave shows (posted elsewhere) but not this. Maybe I’m thrown by the ticket suggesting it was seating in the stalls (wtf?) but the reality is that it was a Saturday night in 2003, so I can only imagine the state I was in.

Drinking: Almost certainly beer before and vodka during.

Thinking: No, nothing there… Sorry…

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