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Why: This was Love, with a full string and brass section playing the Royal Festival Hall, doing all of Forever Changes and I had killer seats and a pile of magic mushrooms.

My friend and I took them over dinner at the Oxo Tower, walked down to the gig and although we missed My Morning Jacket in support and the opening Orange Skies (they wouldn’t let us in the door till the band had finished the song) you couldn’t get the smiles off our faces all night.

High: Those mushrooms. And Alone Again Or, note for note but with added passion. Shame about Singing Cowboy at the end, but hey, that’s Arthur on his last legs. His flash on you….

Drinking: Vodka tonics, for the sake of the water.

Thinking: Of all the other times I’d listened to Love on hallucinogenic drugs. And the strings… the strings…

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Andmoreagains - Scala, March 2003

Why: What do you mean it’s not obvious? It’s clearly ‘un nomme du rock’ for a ‘secret gig’, and it could only be one band – the mighty Love.

(OK, you might not have heard of them but Forever Changes IS as good as all those critics’ best ever polls will tell you and this was the chance to see the 90s incarnation – still with Arthur Lee singing – do a stripped down rock & roll show instead of the more reverential ‘with strings’ Forever Changes shows they’d been doing around the same time).

High: Has to be the guitar solo on A House is not a Motel.

Drinking: Fuck loads to help balance out the weed and the blow. Spring 2003 was the start of my final year of seriously hammering it, and it didn’t help that the friend who sorted my ticket couldn’t keep her nose clean if she tried.

Thinking: “Arthur, you might be a weirdo, but you’re a legend.” (Changed the day after to “I wish I hadn’t stood so close to the front right speaker stack…”)

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