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Jesse Malin


He was about to release the second album, but it was all about the debut.

That and the fact that he was known as a “Ryan Adams’ friend.”

But the debut was amazing. It had Wendy on it. Like a turbo-charged Springsteen.

It had Cigarettes and Violets.

It had Riding on the Subway.

I loved that first record.

It had Brooklyn.

The school-friend I shared my Malin-crush with moved to New York permanently around this time.

He would email (still does) with tales of “going to Jesse’s bar” or “seeing Jesse at a gig.”

My friend recently moved out of Manhattan with his second child on the way, and all I hear is that lyric: “You couldn’t live with me, so you moved to Brooklyn.”

I’ll bet he does too.

High: Wendy. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know why.

Drinking: I was sober in May 2004.

Thinking: I don’t like the way that barmen look at me when I order a soft drink. It’s like they think less of me.