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Let’s be clear, I love this man.

Anyway, this is the tour that now gets remembered for Mascis, with Mike Watt on bass, basically resurrecting the career of the Stooges.

In reality, this meant Ron Asheton coming out for a frenzied thrash through Dog and No Fun at the end of the set.

And for this show, as we stood there pretending it was slightly better than it actually was, this also meant Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream getting on stage for No Fun trying to do his best Iggy.

Apparently someone near the front was underwhelmed, and (allegedly…) spat at Bobby, so Bobby started hitting him with the mic stand.

High: Honestly? Bobby Gillespie assaulting a fan during a frenzied cover of a Stooges classic. I mean, what’s not to like?

Drinking: yeah, and with a lot of coke that night.

It was a Friday and both me and my flatmate at the time were a bit too into it. We had a dealer who lived literally 500 metres from us.

Also with us was a friend who’d used to play bass for a while in the band I’d been in.

I used to take him to a lot of shows from ‘99 through 2001.

I was earning well, and I’d basically take him out for gigs – paying someone in tickets, booze and often dinner just for their company. And he was easy company.

He stopped coming out with me around this time. I think he realised it was uncool, but obviously we never spoke about it and I only worked out the dynamic relatively recently.

(As in, after I was diagnosed as autistic, 15 years after this dynamic was playing out). 

Anyway, in the end he got married and moved to Australia.

Which, for a guy who always wore black, and often a long coat – even in the summer – was something of a surprise.