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These were amazing years to be into music. Particularly if you still thought of yourself as young.

Editors are still around.

A friend made a video for them not so long ago, but their new song sounded like a pastiche of the old ones.

But back then it felt like they meant it.

They played urgently. As if everything was terribly important and that all of it was suddenly at stake.

If fortune favours the brave
I am as awful as they come
I got a million things to say

Lights. Bullets. All Sparks. Fingers in the Factories.


Above all, it sounded important.

I remember it in flashes of light on a crowded floor with one of my oldest friends beside me. A grin on his face and his arm around my shoulder.

Even better, the opening band was We Are Scientists.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt. THE GREAT ESCAPE.

We Are Scientists had videos on MTV2 that I watched in my bedroom when I got up in the mornings.

Smoke what’s left in the ash-tray, watch rock videos. Feel like you’re young, then go to the office stoned.

This night felt like that thing that was supposed to happen in the 60s and 70s and that you’d only get to hear about years later.

Two great young brilliant first-album bands on the same bill together. They’re both supposed to take it all the way and you’re supposed to say, “yeah, I was there.”

I still wear an “I Are Scientists” t-shirt I bought that year.

It was originally in a colour described as ‘cat’s nose’ pink. Now it just seems a little dirty.

High: Scientists doing Great Escape. Editors doing Blood. The lights.

Drinking: Surprisingly little, or I really wouldn’t remember it this well.

Thinking: Blood runs in our veins.

Shockingly no set list on Here’s how Editors set looked that tour though.