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Why: When I was in my final year at junior school, Duran Duran were the band you had to know the specical dance moves for (‘the Reflex’) at the discos that started to replace classmates’ birthday parties. Not that I ever went, but that’s what I was told by Mark who thought he was cooler than us.

Within a year, at grammar school, ‘Durannie’ was an insult.

Fast forward all the way to the proper reunion tour (at a proper reunion shed of a venue) and Duran were cool again – or so I told everyone.

It was good to have something to celebrate, and I’m pleased I still remember this show so clearly.

High: Wild Boys! Wild Boys!

Drinking: Someone fetched a new pint everytime an unfamiliar intro marking a song from the new album started up…

There was some mild embarrassment. My younger sister turned out to be standing just in front of us and she may have seen me fall over once or twice.

Thinking: Please play the Chauffeur, Last Chance on the Stairway or New Religion. Oh, and you guys really aren’t in the best shape are you? (Simon excepted, obviously….)

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