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So yeah, they were kind of ruined – but also kind of made – by Bohemian Like You in a Vodafone advert.

But our favourite on that record was Godless. Or maybe Horse Pills.

Before that, Dandy Warhols Come Down was a big album when we were all starting first jobs and starting to get high in agency bars and Soho pub toilets.

I thought that Every Day Should be a Holiday had a Duran Duran vibe, so it made perfect sense that Nick Rhodes of Duran produced Welcome to the Monkey House.

It’s a properly great album.

It’s has the aching Evan Dando co-write on You Were the Last High.

It has We Used to Be Friends, which about a year later would become the theme to Veronica Mars.

I loved that show.

It filled a Buffy-shaped hole for me.

But live, this show had too many TV-ad-singing beer boys, and I think that the band reacted to that and they went into full on drone mode to avoid being frat boy party rock.

They pushed it a bit too far.

High: The first “Come on now honey, bring it on, bring it on…”

Drinking: Lots. It was a very long show and it had its low spots. So yeah, lots.

Thinking: Are they finishing yet?