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Why: When they first appeared, BRMC were a big deal. They were somehow on that same cool young American guitar band tip as the Strokes but far darker, far louder and had a Jesus & Mary Chain vibe about them. Much as I hated the Forum (then and now) I had to go, and I’d asked along the guitar playing accountant I was occasionally dating at the time.

High: I’d like to say it was Red Eyes & Tears, my favourite from that first album, (the only album that really counted until the acoustic Howl years later), but obviously it was Whatever Happened to my Rock & Roll – screamed out from behind a blaze of dry ice and white light at chest thumping volume.

Drinking: Those were the Stella years for me, but it would have been whatever attempt at premium lager the venue could handle.

Thinking: You’re so cool. I’m so drunk. Please take me home.

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