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Why: Quite a random one, an afternoon gig that involved a sly departure from work to start drinking in Camden early. Obviously, everyone had loved You’re Gorgeous a few years before, and I had a copy of the latest one at the time, Bugged, which I’d been given and liked. But I didn’t go for Baby Bird. I went for the friend who offered the ticket.

He and I had played guitars together in the mid-nineties but then had one of those things when I broke up with someone and he started dating her almost immediately. Obviously, I blamed her for this and not him, but our relationship was shot for about a year.

This wasn’t about looking like a bright hyper-relevant part of trendy young Camden on someone’s shiny TV cameras – this was part of our coming back together as friends.

High: I’ve toyed with re-watching videos of the show (it was filmed for a ‘Barfly Session’ and you’ll find chunks of it over YouTube), but instead I’ll stick with the memories I find – and they’re of a fantastic show, great performance, great songs and with an arm round a very good friend.

Drinking: From lunchtime.

Thinking: Sometimes, growing up is easy.