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Why: So, here’s the deal – I love KISS. I make no bones about it, and in my early teens they meant a great deal to me.

Unlike some KISS fans I’ve even made my peace with the current line-up (Tommy – I accept you in the Spaceman make-up…), but my heart lies with the originals, and Ace in particular.

Sure, he’s been through the mill and may not be the man he was but he’s still Ace; he still wrote those songs and played those solos.

High: The feeling as I stood on my own (no friends would come with me…) on the balcony towards the end listening to the double whammy of Shock Me and Rocket Ride, that my teenage self would still be comfortable with what I’ve now become.

Meant a massive amount to me. It’s the same thing with still wearing jeans and t-shirts to work. On some level that’s because I’m not comfortable in more formal clothing, but on another it’s a conscious “not betraying myself” thing.

Drinking: Like Ace in his prime. One cold gin with the first pint, but being a London venue you don’t want to be drinking their dodgy spirits all night…

Thinking: (As I stood on the floor near the front for the opening half of the show) “Christ, all these guys my age pumping their fists and singing along with every word – is that what I’m like? Fuck, fuck, fuck…” I moved to the balcony when some deliriously happy guy put his sloppy drunken arm around my shoulder when he saw I also knew the words to Torpedo Girl…

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