About My Old Gig Tickets

I started to post these in 2012. I was getting closer to 40, was married, mortgaged and looking at having children and memories were becoming increasingly important.

And many of my memories of the last couple of decades seemed to live in a couple of old folders labelled “old gig tickets.”

So, I started scanning and posting them here with a little personal context alongside them. I didn’t get far. Seriously – both those folders are really quite full.

I started adding more in 2017. Life got in the way. I’ve got a two year old son, and last year I was told that I was autistic.

So now, working through some of these memories helps me come to terms with nights, years and situations that felt terribly confusing and upsetting at the time.

Feel free to comment. Just don’t bang on about being middle-aged. Let’s face it, that shit’s boring.


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