Morrissey: Brixton Academy – November 5th, 2002

Posted: April 28, 2017 in 2002, Brixton Academy, Morrissey



I came to the Smiths late.

I got the first album second hand about the time that I was doing my GCSEs, and I followed that with Louder than Bombs.

I never owned any others on vinyl, which now seems a little embarrassing.

I lent that first album to my best friend, and he fell very heavily for them. He was a Meat is Murder guy. He also bought all the solo albums,

The two of us went to this show together, and it was honestly thrilling.

You could feel the fanaticism in the audience.

Libertines supported. Bit of a shambles, frankly, but still… Morrissey….

There was a brilliant First of the Gang to Die, which I don’t think was released at the time.

There was Suedehead, and Sunday.

There was a Light that Never Went Out.

High: Hand in Glove

Drinking: Obviously not too much, because the memories are strong.

Thinking: If a double decker bus….

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