Foo Fighters: Wembley Arena – November 23rd, 2002

Posted: April 27, 2017 in 2002, Foo Fighters, Wembley Arena

Foo Fighters


It was the One by One tour, and they opened with a young looking Dave Grohl smashing out All My Life as their banner unfurled behind him.

Gigs on too much cocaine were strange for me.

I’d feel dislocated, unsure what I should be feeling. Unsure of the expression on my face.

Drinking perversely slowing down due to a lack of focus.

And in this case, with an old school-friend and an old band mate (the only time I think the two of them ever met), the problem was children.

We were sitting up on the side and there was a mother with two boys who must have been around 12 or 13.

She was visibly pained every time that Dave swore. More so I think that the kids squeamed with delight.

At times it felt as if the show was entirely geared to thrilling young teens with the F word, with an added frisson of shocking any parents in attendance.

I think there were a lot of parents. I think the band were on the way to being proper pop stars, though they still played the early thrashy ones like This is a Call.

I didn’t live that far from Wembley in a cab, and we’d started getting far too high at mine.

I’d recently got a new acoustic guitar.

I felt that this was the year that I’d finally learned some actual guitar chops – after nearly 15 years of playing, including three in a band.

I remember making the guys sit through my party piece at the time, America by Simon & Garfunkel.

Then a cab journey feeling tense and constrained by the blow.

And then the band and horrified mum.

I think I ruined the show for myself.

High: I want to say Everlong, but all I really remember other than a mildly (barely booze-subdued) stress and sense of panic was All My Life.

Drinking: Lots, but slowly – gulp at a time.

Thinking: I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight (this was before I discovered Valium).

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