The New Pornographers: 93 Feet East – November 3rd 2005

Posted: April 26, 2017 in 2005, 93 Feet East, New Pornographers

New Ps


The first New Pornographers record means the world to me.

This was the first chance I’d had to see them live, and I jumped on it with the friend who used to play guitar with me.

I have no idea why they chose this venue.

The sound system at 93 Feet East was all about dance music and it just didn’t work properly for this kind of power pop.

I remember getting really angry about this.

That and the fact that it wasn’t Neko Case singing.

Really angry.

They were touring Twin Cinema, but obviously we were all about Mass Romantic, so we stuck it out to the end to hear Letter from an Occupant and My Slow Descent into Alcoholism.

But even they couldn’t hit the spot.

High: the anticipation.

Drinking: yeah, really heavily. My slow descent went something like this.

Thinking: I can’t believe that something so good on record sounds so bad live.

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