Snow Patrol: The O2 – June 27th, 2007

Posted: April 25, 2017 in 2007, Snow Patrol, The O2

snow patrol


I wasn’t there to see Snow Patrol.

I was there to see a Scandinavian garage band called the Disciplines who were playing support.

They were led by Ken from the Posies who I knew a little.

Me and the friend who’d introduced me to Ken went on what were basically free tickets.

It was good to see Ken as a front man, but I can’t remember a single song that the Disciplines played.

I can remember Snow Patrol though.

It was fashionable then (and probably still is) to look down on Snow Patrol.

They were kind of ubiquitous on middle of the road radio. They were supposed to be boring.

But they wrote amazing songs.

Then they arranged them really well, and they played them really well.

Run was a song that I’d play in my spare room on guitars with a friend who knew Gary Snow Patrol from their university days.

We’d also do Coldplay numbers.

Again, no shame for the good songs.

High? Run.

Drinking? Over priced arena lager.

Thinking? For what’s basically a free ticket, this is amazing.

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