Mercury Rev: Shepherd’s Bush Empire – November 1st, 2001

Posted: January 16, 2012 in 2001, Mercury Rev, Shepherd's Bush Empire
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Why: Deserter’s Songs had meant a lot to me and most of the guys I listened to music with, and I have amazing memories (and possibly a ticket somewhere) of being blown away by the band playing support to Bob Mould a couple of years earlier (I say “playing support”, “blowing off the stage” would be closer to the truth).

When this show was announced I decided to take one of those friends who’d shared my love of Deserter’s Songs. He and I had actually lived together through 1999-2000 and our relationship had taken a bit of a battering, despite going back more than a decade.

My drinking at the time hadn’t helped – particularly the time when I woke up on the sofa to find both it and myself on fire. He blamed me for nearly burning down the flat and killing us both; I blamed him for bringing back duty free Marlboro Lights – my normal roll ups would have burned out before igniting the cushions.

High: To my shame, my friend had owed me some money and paid me off for that and the ticket in particularly pure blow (back when you could get good gear in London… Ah, glory days…) so we stood at the bar in easy reach of the toilets and banged lines and yammered at each other throughout the show. I’m sure we left off briefly for Carwash Hair and Goddess on a Hi-Way, but not really a high point of my gig-going career…

Drinking: Curtailed by the need to constantly talk…

Thinking: I’m going to properly feel the loathe tomorrow…

Gig on Songkick 

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