Neil Young: Hammersmith Apollo – March 5th, 2008

Posted: January 13, 2012 in 2008, Brixton Academy, Neil Young
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Why: I love Neil. He’s a hero of mine. But it doesn’t mean he’s always great live. Prior to this I’d seen one great show (with band) and one hellish show (solo). Luckily this was with a band…

I’d originally booked tickets for the previous night and ended up with seats way back on the balcony, and I was going to take the secretary from the office I was casually seeing – but then I got a better offer.

A month beforehand I’d been introduced to an ex-indie star turned indie band manager who lived round the corner from me. I’d already taken advantage of his recommendation for a builder to do some work on my flat (“Call him now, he’s just finishing a job lowering Jamie Klaxon’s floor…”) and now he was able to get me row K seats at Hammersmith.

Even better, also in his posse for the show – and sitting next to me – was the phenomenally attractive scandinavian singer of a band who’d put out one of my favourite records that year.

High: Ambulance Blues? Powderfinger? Like a Hurricane? Mr Soul? (MR FUCKING SOUL!!!!!) Most of it basically…

And then, just to wrap up the night, as band manager and I shared a cab back home and talked about our favourite records of the moment, he phoned up a favourite singer of mine who he’d used to date and put her on speakerphone. Fantastic night.

Drinking: Maybe only two pints…

Thinking: Neil, you’re phenomenal. So much so that I’ll forgive you the guy painting an interpretative picture live on stage…

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