George Clinton: Royal Festival Hall – June 21st, 2008

Posted: January 13, 2012 in 2008, George Clinton, Royal Festival Hall
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Why: So, my first ever proper girlfriend was staying with me during a break-up with her partner. We’d originally met in the summer of ’92 on pills round a fire in a back garden somewhere in Oxfordshire and bonded over the Grateful Dead, but she’d rapidly moved on from acid cowboys to funk cowboys and Funkadelic were always a favourite. It was good to be close to her again.

For me, Funkadelic were never as good as the first two albums (the only ones I kept on vinyl) but I thought I’d cheer her up with with third row seats for the p-Funk allstars playing the Massive Attack curated Meltdown festival.

High: Everything played by the late, great dapper diaper-wearing Garry Shider and of course the Maggot Brain solo.

Drinking: Only a couple of pints, far too hard to take our eyes off the stage.

Thinking: I’ve probably made someone I care about happier in 2 hours than I did in 3 months a decade and a half ago….

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