The Tears: Shepherd’s Bush Empire – May 23rd, 2005

Posted: January 12, 2012 in 2005, Shepherd's Bush Empire
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Why: Well, they used to be in Suede didn’t they? And I knew some people who vaguely knew them, so I’d got into the album (genuinely good, Refugees is a basically a Suede classic) and I even got briefly introduced to Bernard in some shitty boozer before the show. And a local venue too….

High: As above, Refugees, though Apollo 13 was a fantastic set closer. I’m a bit of an unreliable witness though as I was very, very stoned.

Drinking: Lager, but not that much – far too rammed in there. But as above, I was smoking serious skunk. So serious that I fear I traumatised one of the people I was with who wrote to me the day after asking if Brett had indeed performed in a jester’s cap like she remembered. He hadn’t.

Thinking: Please, please, please play something from the first Suede album. Fuck. Didn’t happen.

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