The Wedding Present: Koko – December 13th, 2010

Posted: January 10, 2012 in 2010, Koko, The Wedding Present
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Why: As I’ve said elsewhere, one of my best friends worshipped this band when at school. To me, they were always a Northern indy band and as such not a pure teenage passion, but in the year that my friend and I lived together  they were always on: in the car; in the flat; getting high and getting drunk, I came to get the point.

Everytime they’ve played since we try to see them, and this was particularly special – the anniversary tour for Bizarro.

High: Brassneck. Always Brassneck.

Drinking: So much that I’m having problems trying to even remember this show, which – given how recent it was – gives me some cause for concern.

Thinking: How can he still play guitar that fast?

Gig on Songkick

Setlist on


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