Pixies: Kentish Town Forum – August 20th 2004

Posted: January 8, 2012 in 2004, Kentish Town Forum, Pixies, Venues
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Why? Well, obviously – like the rest of London of my age – I’d been to see the original Brixton reunion shows, but this return via the Forum was unplanned. A friend had guest list tickets, but much to his annoyance couldn’t make the show. At least he had a good excuse – he was getting married the next day.

High? Winterlong. Possibly the best Neil Young cover ever.

Drinking? I wasn’t, well maybe just a couple of pints. I’d quit booze and hard drugs that April and it was semi-successful for a number of months. I was still smoking though, so that’s probably why the memory’s blurry.

Thinking? I really, really need a proper drink. And so it was that after holding down sobriety till 23:00 at my friend’s wedding the next day I laid into spirits for the first time in nearly 5 months. Ugly.

Gig on Songkick

Setlist on Setlist.fm

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