Radiohead: Athens – June 2000

Posted: January 4, 2012 in 2000, Radiohead
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Radiohead, Athens June 2000

Why? Over in Greece for a friend’s wedding, it seemed like a good idea for two of us to flee post-party carnage on Skiathos and hit Athens for Radiohead in an outdoor theatre.

High? Thom hearing loud, wasted English voices down the front and dedicating a song to us (well, I say ‘dedicating’, the actual words were closer to “Anyone here from London? In London a lot of people think it’s cool to take cocaine… this is for you… this is Paranoid Android…”).

Drinking? Literally carrier bags full of cheap cans of lager, supplemented with the weed we’d gone out of our way to track down before heading out to Delphi the day after the show.

Thinking? “I can’t believe I’m getting away with this”, as all that lager and a place at the front meant I didn’t bother with a trip to the toilets so just pissed all over the legs of the girl in front of me. (I got away with it….)

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